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               BY MARCO MEDRAN0
Caviar of Switzerland is a new frontier in DNA Skincare

I was cautios about introducing another caviar line as most have minimal percentages. Caviar of Switzerland, on the other hand, uses certified caviar extract comprised of non-ferilized sturgeon eggs farmed in France. 

Caviar of Switzerland has been studying the process of skin aging in depth and with their knowledge and experience, their products represent one of the innovative approaches of DNA skin care.

Similar to human skin, caviar has a cell format proven to provide uparalleled nourishment and miniralization to the skin... 

PULSE Magazine,

"Mark, on the other hand, think that there are opportunities for a wider range of multifaceted spa products in the future. Think "wonder cream" - an all-in-one moisturizer, wrinkle-reducer and aroma candle", she says.                  


"A Day in the Life" of Irina Mark, President of Caviar of Switzerland US,
Pulse Magazine

Exclusive Distributor of the European skin-care brand, Caviar of Switzerland, has brought this skincare line into the United States and Canadian markets. Mark, whose role allows her to be in the front line of market demands, thinks that the busy, modern-day lifestyle...

By Terry Herman, recognized Spa and Beauty Expert 


Caviar of Switzerland ranked very high with me for being effective, while delivering exceptional results. Each product was an indulgent luxury, and would be an ideal addition to anyone’s “age diminishing” skincare regimen, and as a former devotee and La Prairie user, Caviar of Switzerland is just as superior performing, but not as costly!

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