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Famous Model Isabel Adrian for Skincity


I have had favorable experience with Caviar of Switzerland. It is a light, non-greasy and highly effective product that has worked well for my salon's customers. They appreciate the quality and the fresh, non-intrusive scent that is in stark contrast to the frequently over-perfumed fragrances of other leading brands. The product sells very well: no complaints, no returns, elegant eye-catching packaging. Love having it my in salon.

Tanya, Leading Esthetician Taylor & Reese Salon and Spa Lake Forest Location

Brilliance! A revelation! Caviar of Switzerland has been the most popular premium skincare product we have been carrying since its arrival. Seldom does a working day pass without a client inquiry or purchase. Caviar of Switzerland is a great investment for my salon - it has increased our revenue at least 20%!

Irene, Luxe Day Spa. Owner

Caviar of Switzerland is simply a revelation! Never have I seen such an effective product sell here with no returns or complaints. The exclusive, simple to read packaging makes this product noticeable and easy on the eyes too. Furthermore, many of our male clients love using Caviar because they tell me it is not too oily or greasy. Carolyn, who comes in once a week, tells me the 24H Regenerating Cream is very silky and light, and cannot live without it! As an owner, I endorse Caviar of Switzerland wholeheartedly.

Oxsana K, Model, United Kingdom

I have been using Caviar of Switzerland 24H Regenerating Cream only for a few months, and the results are amazing. I work long hours with a heavy makeup on, but my skin still looks flawless and hydrated. I finally found a cream that gives my skin GLOW!!! Even my makeup artist wonders... Love it, love it, love it! It is worth every penny!

Magdalena Medical Spa

Clients were tired of the bland and ineffective skincare products of yesterday, and were seeking an alternative to achieve REAL results. Well, look no further: Caviar of Switzerland is it! After only a week of application, you see a visible transformation. I absolutely adore this product!

Devon Aesthetic Center, Helena V. Naryzhny, M.D., Owner

Amazing product with real science behind it. Great results!


The cream is supposed to make your eye area look better with ecological flower water, caviar extract, peptides and vitamins. The product feels luxurious, has a fresh scent and lasts very long. The price of the product is pretty high, but the result makes it worth it. After six weeks of use I can see that the fine lines under my eyes are much fewer. The skin around the eyes feels moisturized, youthful and has a nice glow

Abby N.

According to the company, this product is a "one-stop-shop" solution. So true! With my busy work schedule, Caviar of Switzerland is my savior and the real solution for my skin. My favorite is Intensive Eye Cream; it significantly diminishes my dark circles.


I have been using the Caviar of Switzerland 24h Regenerating Cream and Cellular Repair Serum since September 2013. An absolute delight!!! The quality of my skin has significantly changed and even some pigments spots disappeared. After applying the Regenerating Cream, the skin starts to breeze, feels regenerating and firming.


I was looking for such feeling of the eye cream. No circles, no dryness. I can smile a lot without discomfort.


As many of us, I am in constant search of an anti aging cream that diminishes lines, makes your skin hydrated and gives you a glow. This luxurious cream does all that, I use it with the serum and eye cream and it has been by far my favorite line of products. Considering its a fraction of the cost for comparable lines such as la Prairie and LaMer, this is a steal.


I used to get it at Harrods in London, but could not find it here since we moved to the US. I am thrilled someone here is finally carrying it. Once you try it you will not want to use anything else.


This product is very comparable with la prairie but silkier and make my skin feels more hydrated throughout the day. It gives my skin fresh look and glow.

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