Caviar of Switzerland is an exceptional skincare collection made remarkable by its exclusive ingredient complex – an innovative combination of high tech active ingredients and precious CAVIAR EXTRACT. The age-fighting ingredients deliver nutrients essential to the health, vitality and overall appearance of your skin while offering the purity and quality that are synonymous with Switzerland.

24h Regeneration Cream.
Dramatic Transformation 


24h Regeneration Cream from the most luxurious Caviar of Switzerland DNA skin care collection with cutting edge high tech ingredients, DNA repair enzymes and precious Caviar Extract create a unique anti-aging effect that is simply unparalleled. Acting in depth on cellular level it dramatically improves elasticity and texture, repairs sun damage and immediately adds a luminescent glow. Exclusively formulated in the mountainous Swiss Rivera. 

  • Dramatically improves elasticity, texture and tone, immediately adds luminescent glow

  • Skin looks much firmer, wrinkles and fine lines are significantly less visible

  • Skin is left feeling soft, refreshed, smooth and nourished

  • Dryness and irritation disappear

  • Enhances radiance

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Advanced Repair Serum.
Double Lifting Effect



This is a nutrient rich complex cocktail of bioengineered molecules with double lifting effect that targets aging skin. Highly potent molecules, extracted from the caviar, deliver crucial nutrients straight to the deepest cellular level of your skin.


Skin regeneration is promoted, as well as increased elasticity and deeper hydration. It not only encourages collagen production and combats aging, but also has strong healing abilities.  In a short time skin looks considerably firmer and healthier with a long-lasting improvement in texture.

  • Creates a firmer lifted conture

  • A visible lift for your face and neck

  • Skin regeneration is promoted; elasticity is greatly increased

  • Long-lasting reshaping effect

Revitalizing Eye Cream.
Amazing Brightener


The most luxurious Revitalizing Eye Cream with cutting edge high tech ingredients, DNA repair enzymes, and precious Caviar Extract which creates a unique anti-aging effect that is simply unparalleled. Enriched with enzymes, peptide, amino and fatty acids, and organic floral water. This lightweight, concentrated cream tightens the collagen fiber network to prevent muscles around the eyes from creating wrinkles and fine lines. Existing dark circles are diminished. The skin around the eyes will look visibly firmer, younger, energized and smooth. Exclusively formulated in the mountainous Swiss Rivera, effective, acting in depth on a cellular level, Caviar of Switzerland Intensive Eye Cream is European women favorite.

  • Diminishes dark circles and reduces puffiness 

  • Dramatically reduces age spots and sun damage 

  • Diminishes existing wrinkles and prevents new ones

  • Visibly improves elasticity and tone and immediately adds a luminescent glow

  • Gives skin energy to renew itself

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